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As known worldwide, vintage items are of high quality and lasting values, showing unique characteristics of a particular type of thing.
SIXTYWEAR™ was founded by many cofounders, who happened to be vintage items collectors. Mainly, we used to gather special items and sell the manually, but as time went by, our circle widened and we decided to share our passionate job with the world.
Speaking of which, as we started from scratch and grew bigger, we wanted to be special, therefore we ship items freely because we don't believe that such thing as shipping fees should stop people from getting our merch.
Collecting vintage items has became an actual obsession.
We do love the good old times and we sell Vintage stuff for the sake of those days where freedom something everyone enjoyed.
We provide a variety of things to satisfy different purchasers. Our brand is only rising up because of our hard work and the love shown by YOU , we will to strive better goals and higher achievements
SIXTYWEAR™ is all about melding a love of vintage style with a commitment to thoughtful consumption.
We started in 2019 and it is our mission to only list the best and most affordable items on this website.
We look for refined and meaningful pieces that make you feel good because you feel great having them and you know they're made by aesthete hands.
Share your experience with us by sending a picture or video of yourself with the vintage new product you bought from us.

We're always looking forward to reading your reviews and suggestions. LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN!
We offer 100% free secure worldwide shipping on most items; and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Don't like something you bought? Tell us, and we'll be happy to issue a full refund.

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